Hello and welcome to the OxWiP website! We are an Oxford University organisation which aims to empower and support ambitious young women who wish to enter politics or pursue positions of leadership in any other field in both the public and the private sector. We do this through organising and promoting exciting events with prominent female leaders and potential employers, by hosting social events to help our members build up a healthy network and by arranging workshops to develop the skills and talents necessary for success.

OxWip has three main aims: to connect Oxford's women students, faculty, and alumni engaged in the political and corporate spheres; to develop the professional and leadership skills necessary for a successful career; and to inspire the next generation of women students.

There are a number of ways that you can keep connected with what's going on with OxWip here in Oxford. The first stop is our Facebook Page, which is probably the best way to keep instantly updated on all our events. By joining you will be invited to all OxWip events and we will occasionally contact you with information about our other programmes. You can also follow us on Groupspaces, where you can read all of our weekly newsletters and sign up to the mailing list.

OxWiP is kindly sponsored by Accenture. Without their kind support and donations, OxWiP would not be able to continue to offer its services to the young women of Oxford University. For more information on our sponsors, please click here.

Oxford Women in Politics · c/o Department of Politics and International Relations · Manor Road · Oxford OX1 3UQ · United Kingdom